Did you know that where you live can impact your chances of graduating from high school?

Take the “High School Dropout Disparity” quiz and test how much you know about the disparity in high school dropout rates across Canada.


What is the average high school dropout rate in Canada?


What is the average high school dropout rate in Canada’s low-income communities?


Approximately how many students in Canada are currently at risk of dropping out of high school?


If Canada increased its high school graduation rate by just 1%, what do you think the annual estimated savings to the economy would be?

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High school graduation rates in low-income communities that Pathways to Education serves have improved by up to an average of 85%. When more students graduate from high school, there are significant benefits to society, such as increased civic engagement, less dependence on health care, a more skilled workforce, stronger economic growth, and fewer people living in poverty.

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Our future depends on their education.

Do your friends and family know what the average high school dropout rate is in Canada? Or what the annual estimated savings to our economy would be if high school graduation rates increased by 1%? Encourage your networks to take this quiz.

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